Monday, March 10, 2008

Off To L.A.!

This morning i sent vee to KLIA, she's leaving for LA n Vegas, courtesy of TV3. I think all the winners from Augerah Skrin 2007 r going as well. Vee is sad leaving me and the children at home. But it wont be for long, she's away only for 8 days... minggu depan dah balik dah pun.. well, as i'm writing this, i'm feeling quite sad, miss her la pulak. tapi takpe, she promised me to buy some stuff from there, and of course for the children as well... more for the children yang sebenarnye!

Wokie dokie, lets just pray for Vee's safe journey ya...

Our Maiden Journey Into Cyberspace!

Salam Dear Friends!!

Here we r at last, after much persuasions and pressuring from friends and fans alike, we finally have our very own blog (believe it or not, this is our 1st time having such thing.. we don't even have 'myspace' for godsake!). Being not so internet savvy, we feel very left behind by all this craze of having a webpage of our own. Pardon the not so creative blog page, we r still learning about the whole god damn thing! (Yes, we blog ourselves!)

Internet to us merely confined to usage of emails for work purposes. So having this blog is such a big step for us to reach out to all of you friends and fans! Mainly to update you guys of what's happening to our latest project and stuffs! And of course to share a bit of our thoughts, pondering this life and such.. takpe lah.. cuba-cuba nak jadi philosophical once in a while!hehe! (tak penting pun!)

Anyway, share your thoughts with us, drop us a line or two. Lets just hope this will be a good start for us to be in the cyberworld!

Halo and Ciao!! Till then, salam!! Love always!
Shidi n Vee.