Friday, June 20, 2008

Busy! Busy!

Salam guys! Again, all apologies for not writing lately. I have been busy doing a lot of running for the kids and taking care of home. And a bit busy meeting up with producers and business associates alike to discuss about future projects and stuff. Yes, I know, I should be resting... but, I'm going bonkers at home for not doing anything! Don't blame me ok, it's just too stressful knowing that you can't go around doing things at your normal pace! Adala rasa sakit sikit2.

Anyway, Vee is busy shooting with Tall Order Productions titled 'Ali Din'. Don't be surprised to see all of her new character, very interesting and funny! Something unlike her at all!! Well, you hear it first here! He!He! Ensemble of cast is good as well, with newcomer Fazrin playing the lead role opposite Umi Nazira; other cast involved is Vee herself, Hans Isaac (yes, the producer himself!), Datuk Aziz Sattar and many more. Scheduled to be out on TV3 end of this month! Be sure to watch ya!

Wokay.. ciao!!

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BrokenAngel said...

Bang Shidi, dunno whether u remember me or not, Im Adele. Kawan Ita masa skool dulu. Im trying to get reach of her but i cant la. Nanti bang shidi fwd me her contact tru email boleh? PS: Bila nak balik Taiping?